Friday, July 28, 2006

This is my first semester here in Iwate University and my first year in Japan. Time past so fast, just like a blinking of eyes , the scene of the arriving night to the University’s dormitory seems like yesterday and here I am, not mentally willing yet have to be prepared to say that I am not a new comer, I’ve been around for a while, what a pity . Specially when think about my Japanese, I can not really say that my Japanese have not improved , however the realization of it’ll take ages for me to master the language really knocks me to the ground, oh , boy.
This one is a self analysis of the strengths and weaknesses for being an English teacher. Honestly speaking I really want to talk about my weakness instead of strengths, because I discovered that one serious weak point could cover all the strengths you may have. How many of you would agree with me if I say that public speaking is an art, as a teacher no matter at primary school or university level, no matter what kind of teaching strategies and methodologies implemented, oral communication or in the other words the way you talk to your students is the essential factor to the success of classroom teaching. We often hear teachers say in the class that I am sorry, I talked too much I should give you guys more opportunities to speak. Yet to me, speaks little and listens all the time does not necessary make someone a good communicator. The point is not how long you keep listening; it is how much you listened. I could listen to someone for hours with a little interruptions and feedback, however my mind just engage too much with my own ideas, it seems that I am listening yet I am interpreting the speaker’s words my way, in other words I listen very carefully but I do not comprehend the points from the speaker’s position. If I am too wrapped up with myself no matter how patiently I listened to my students I am not going to be a good helper to them, because I’ll never really understand them. Anyone who has a similar problem with me or you have any suggestions please share with me, thanks.


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