Sunday, July 16, 2006

As a student I participated a lot of group works back in China; however they did not work that well for me. At the time, I simply did not have the motivations, I guess a lot of my fellow students were in the similar conditions with me and teachers too reacted quite negatively from time to time. To Chinese schools anything which is not directly related to the final test is considered waste of the time. Test is the core value of Chinese education system. Imagining such a huge population only has certain amount of universities, and the examination is the only standard for qualifying a candidate, what choice do we have. Questions are why any activities under the circumstance at the first place. A simple answer to the question would be a very sick person does not want anybody to notice his sickness so he pretends to be like I am ok, but that only makes the situation even worse. The policy makers are demanding schools adopting modern teaching methodologies and release students from heavy school burden and decrease the pressure that brought by the examinations. Schools are forced to implement activities to show that “I am ok” I am pretty health ,do not worry about me, as long as I am doing activities with my students they are going to be fine , the exanimations are going to be ok , everybody are happy. I hope by now you understand why group works and activities were not enjoyed by lots of Chinese schools.


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